About Yennie Rautenberg-Loya

My journey to become a coach began in 2000, right before I moved to the United States from Mexico.

As it turned out, this journey wasn’t only physical—it was the start of a lifelong search for meaning, a quest to impact others positively and help them to develop, both personally and professionally.

As a Latina, I was particularly interested in learning how to empower my community in the U.S. I vowed to find new ways to spread information and resources on human development to Spanish speakers. In many cases, these resources were available only in English.

In 2002, I entered a rigorous ontological training program and prepared myself to lead seminars. I offered my coaching services pro bono as a contribution to the community, and positively affected hundreds of people over the next several years.

At the same time, I applied my education and leadership skills to continue growing my career in corporate communications and public relations in the tech industry.

In 2007, I started an exciting career at a Fortune 500® tech company, where I developed further my strategic thinking, worked with C-suite executives, media trained spokespeople at all levels of the organization, championed Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and traveled the world.

Unfortunately, my time to teach and coach pro-bono got reduced, and in 2009 I decided to file my true passion for coaching in the “not now, maybe later” drawer.

I once heard that destiny first touches your shoulder, then gently slaps you in the face. If you haven’t gotten the message by then, it kicks you hard, pushing you toward what is yours. In 2018 I left corporate and adventured into the entrepreneurial world.

This is how Rautenberg Coaching was born: as an expression of my passion and commitment to make a positive impact on others. A commitment to connect people to their own power, so they can reach their highest potential and state of self-expression.

How many goals, dreams, and passions have you filed in the “not now, maybe later” drawer?

Whatever the limitations you think may govern your life, I invite you to go above and beyond.

I’d love to be part of your victory!

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