Leadership Coaching

Authentic Inclusive Collaboration® enables a work culture where everybody has a sense of belonging, is empowered to participate and has equal opportunity to thrive.
We instill a mindset of inclusion at all levels of the organization. As a result, teams work cohesively and effectively towards common goals.

What you may expect

Our methodology dismantles engrained biases and transforms unproductive habits into new behaviors, stronger interpersonal skills and powerful leadership and communication practices.

Who we work with:

We partner with senior leaders, line managers and employees company-wide to reframe the current condition of leadership and collaboration into an authentic expression of the team, enabling a new sense of belonging, contribution and success.

How it works:

It starts with our half-a-day Authentic Inclusive Collaboration Signature Workshop (AIC) that provides tools to dismantle implicit biases, adopt inclusive behaviors, and improve communication and team collaboration.

We follow up with customized services such as executive coaching, group sessions and additional training.

Learn more about other services focused on empowering diverse talent here.

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