Our Programs

We are continuously adapting our programs to make them relevant to the corporate, social and political environment we are in. We will adjust any of these programs to your specific needs.
Our one-on-one coaching services are also available outside of the programs described below.

Trainings and Workshops

Is a half-day training offered to professionals at all levels in the organization. Participants are provided with tools to improve interpersonal skills, enable new frames of mind to distinguish and dismantle implicit biases, improve inclusive behaviors, as well as team’s collaboration and communication.

This workshop may be followed by the AIC Team Program that is customized and co-created with team leaders and other decision makers within the organization to identify and strategically address gaps in the areas of corporate culture, collaboration and performance.

is a three-hour workshop focused on empowering people of diverse backgrounds to design and activate a strategic network of relationships to increase the participant’s visibility, growth and influence inside and outside of their organization. It includes addressing barriers that may prevent them from nurturing key relationships.

is a four-session (1 hour each) training program focused on people representing minorities to empower them to find their own voice and style, to authentically represent themselves and to communicate more assertively inside and outside of the organization. It includes addressing barriers that may prevent them from speaking in public with authority and confidence.

is a three-hour workshop focused on identifying areas of opportunity, setting goals and establishing new practices to reach them. This workshop is available all year long but is more relevant at the beginning of the year, as people work on their personal and professional plans. This workshop may be adjusted to organizations to be used during performance review season.

is a workshop series that enables people to explore key areas of interest and create a plan that brings fulfilment to their personal lives. It includes tools to improve personal relationships, work-life integration, family dynamics, empty nest syndrome, identity re-discovery and values re-calibration.

The workshop series is a five-hour program delivered in four sessions, in small groups (5-10 people).

is a workshop series that packs powerful tools to strengthen your resilience, productivity and sanity as you continue navigating this new reality.

Through hands-on exercises and practice assignments, you will learn how to develop long-lasting skills, self-awareness and self-care practices.

The workshop series is a four-hour program delivered in four sessions, in small groups (5-10 people) and offered once a month (in English and Spanish).

This workshop is also available for corporations in a 90-minute format. Please contact us for more details.

One-on-One Coaching Programs

Supports professionals who are looking to advance in their career or are already in a new job/role and are interested in strengthening leadership and communication skills.

The program is six months long and is customized according to the customer goals. It may include team coaching sessions, 360o interviews, strengths and personality assessments, and other tools.

Is a personalized program offered to employees who are being relocated. While the main target is professionals in Latin America moving to the US and vice versa, this program is aimed to empower anyone who leaves where their roots are (home), to take flight on a new career/life adventure.

The program supports the employee and their spouse for six months, starting as soon as the employee accepts the relocation, and “holding the space” for them to powerfully transition. We address the multiple roles that individuals play and facilitate the creations of new roles and accountabilities.

is a three-month program offered to companies as they go through workforce reduction, complementing the current outplacement services they offer.

Our program focuses on reframing the identity of the individual to support them with the emotional transition, including identity re-discovery and core values re-calibration.

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